Who am I

Welcome to my blog offering tips and advice to help boost your gold balance within World of Warcraft. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, or post a comment and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. You can also find me on Twitter, which is the preferred method of contact, if you need me urgently!

Who am I?
My name is Graham Randall, I’ve been married for almost 16 years (2017) and I’m a full time Dad. I have 3 lovely daughters. My eldest daughter is autistic and my 13 year old daughter has type 1 diabetes, which means a lot of my time is very precious at home. In my spare time, I play English 8-ball pool and make gold in World of Warcraft.

Who am I in-game?
I’m Grahran (name created from a mixture of my first and second name) and I main a Horde level 110 MM Hunter. I’ve been playing WoW since midway through WotLK and from the first day I logged in, I’ve fell in love with the game. Even from the beginning, I was able to dazzle my in-game friends, with my ability to make gold with ease, whether this was from farming Dungeons/Raids, flipping items on the AH or popping next door from the AH in Orgrimmar (Pre-Cata) and buying items from the vendor only to chuck on the AH for massive profit margins.

At the end of MoP I finally hit the gold cap of 999,999g 99s 99c on my main! With the emergence of crafted Stage gear in WoD, I quickly surpassed the 5m gold mark. So far in Legion I’ve amounted 76m liquid gold flipping LegionBoEs as of 26.10.17. I don’t Raid, but on the odd occasion, I do dabble in some random battlegrounds, to ease off some stress. My enjoyment for making gold is my number one interest in the game at the moment; thanks to WoWTokens, the need to make gold is more important and makes it worthwhile to share my successes in a bid to help others that may need it.

Past WoW experiences:
I used to raid on a regular basis with Influx (H) on Neptulon EU, before the Guild disbanded and many of us moved realms and began a new Guild called Sanction on Draenor EU. With the emergence of WoD and the hype of a new expansion, brought exhausting que times, and the need to move realms was once again upon us. Sadly, shortly after the release of Helfire Citadel I quit Raiding and my enjoyment was solely on making gold, as it was easy to manage around my children.

With time very sparse, I don’t blog as much as I’d like to, but hope this improves in the near future. I don’t have any ambitions to stream. You may be fortunate enough to come across me on Twitch in many gold making streams. A couple of my favourite streamers are; Gumdrops, Peelyon and the legendary man himself Dozerbob. Check them out, great gold making content!

Anyway, I hope you find what you’re looking for here, if not, just shout. Be sure to say hello and who knows, I may even see you in game.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Who am I

  1. Hi, I have just discovered you blog! It i a great resource. I too am on EU Emerald Dream. My son (he’s 38yrs) finally persuaded me to get into WoW in patch 5.3. Been a gamer for nearly 50 years, on and off.
    Started with Advanced D&D on a table with just some friends and multi-sided dice.
    My age, 63, means that really my endgame is LFR. So I started gold making now an addict. I set my target for Legion to get 10 million, which I have now achieved. So I am now doing battle pets. The turn based play suits me really well and I am now moving into adding gold making through Battle pets.



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  2. Hi Steve, you’ll really enjoy 7.2 if you enjoy Battle pets. In 7.2 we’re getting Battle Pet Dungeons. Not much has been posted about it yet, but I urge you to keep an eye out online. I too look forward to these dungeons, but it’s too soon to guess what they’ll be like.

    Keep up the gold making, sounds like you’re doing extremely well. Do you have any gold making goals for 7.2?


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