Influx of Darkmoon Faire Quest Items

Hello guys, long time no see…

I just wanted to create a quick post today in reference to a previous blog post The Darkmoon Faire Revisited. This is basically because of the recent influx of Darkmoon Faire Quest Items due to the increased content brought to us by Battle for Azeroth.

Quite simply put, due to the increased content, PvP, Dungeons, Questing etc… and obviously a lot of returning players, it’s never been easier to obtain the quest items. If you have your  Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide in your inventory, you have a chance to loot a Darkmoon Quest item. Because of this, there’s a lot of these currently on the Auction House which has dramatically decreased the prices for these items.

High competition + increased supply = market crash

So please ignore the previous prices I was advising. I will edit those prices in that blog post immediately, but wanted to clarify here first, why the need to change them. If you did follow those prices, then don’t be disheartened, as you can still turn those in and make gold from other markets.

Currently you can buy up Darkmoon Faire Quest Items for approximately 100-500g each (dependant of your realms economy) although this is extremely lower than originally outlined, there’s still plenty of profit to be made! As I’ve always mentioned; buying up quest items, to turn in and buy Replica gear is still the best method. I’m selling gear at around the 40-75k mark EACH on many of my realms.  There are even players barking in trade chat, selling full sets for crazy amounts of gold!

When you consider it costs me on average 1-2k to buy all the Darkmoon Faire Quest Items you can easily turn all these into huge profits! This is hugely beneficial to do on ALTS too! Please bear in mind, that SOME quest items do have level requirements to successfully hand in.

So although the buying/flipping market for Darkmoon Faire Quest Items maybe ruined (at the moment), there’s still plenty of room in other markets. Simply check out your realms economy/markets via TheUndermineJournal and see if there’s value for you too!

Just a couple of Replica Transmog sales since the release of Battle for Azeroth, to offer you some confidence in this market! You can also enter #Replica #Transmog within the search bar on Twitter to see some of my sales, I’ve  shared pre Battle for Azeroth!