Date Confirmed for Legion Pre-Patch

The 19th July US (July 20th for EU) has been confirmed the date of the Legion pre-patch release. For more news on this please click HERE for the full story via Wowhead.

Legion Pre-Patch


Enchanting – Large Brilliant Shards

Large Brilliant ShardGood evening guys, as you’ll be aware by now, Legion is on the horizon and many Enchanters including myself are stocking up our banks full of Enchanting materials ready for the new Tome of Illusions coming in Legion. If you’re near an Auction House, go and check how high the materials have already sky rocketed to! all this is due to the high demand. Most old world Enchanting materials are already at least 100% above normal asking price and that’s all down to people like myself, buying them all up.

If you’re not aware of what Tome of Illusions are, please click here to read my previous post regarding them.

As prices have become so high, I’ve looked back at alternative means to acquire my materials and thankfully, the memory bank kicked in and I remembered a very good way to acquire  Large Brilliant Shard. These shards are needed to craft the  Tome of Illusions: Azeroth .

As I’m Horde, I’ve hearthed to Orgrimmar in search of the Legacy Armor Quartermaster – First Sergeant Hola’mahi, in The Hall of Legends [38.72] She sells the Sergeant’s Cape for 55 Honor points. It’s important, that you purchase the correct cloak. What we do is buy up as many of these cloaks that we can fit into our bags and disenchant them. Each cloak will disenchant into 1x  Large Brilliant Shard.

Large Brilliant Shard 2
As the PvP season is coming to an end, what better way to spend those Honor Points, before they get converted to gold. So don’t wait any longer… If you don’t have any intentions of crafting the Tome’s in Legion, but you have Honor Points to spend and a disenchanter, do the method above and simply post the  Large Brilliant Shard on the Auction House and take advantage of  those that will be desperate for them.

This is a very old method and well known among gold goblins, I hope you found this post helpful. As ever, leave any feedback you have, below!

TradeSkillMaster Guides

Hello guys, I recently experienced some issues within TSM (TradeSkillMaster) and lost some information. I’m sure this wasn’t connected in anyway with the recent issues TSM have been experiencing, as I’m aware it was solely on the data on their drives and nothing do with our information on our end.

Upon seeking some advice or more some information from the interwebs on recreating some groups etc, I managed to stumble upon a great YouTube channel with some excellent guides, now I’m not going to be greedy and keep these to myself, instead I’ll add some details below, which maybe of interest to you. How on earth this chap has so little likes/subscribers is completely beyond me. I’ll add this blog post in a bid to help send some some traffic his way.

As ever guys, please show any appreciation for Mankind, by leaving a comment, like or even a subscribe on his YouTube channel. It means a lot to content creators, that enjoy writing, creating videos in a bid to help others.

Check out Mankind

TSM 3 guides available;

Trade Skill Master 3 Tutorial Ep. 1 – Setting up TSM Addon & Desktop Application

Trade Skill Master 3 Tutorial Ep. 2 – Making Groups & Auctioning Operations

Trade Skill Master 3 Tutorial Ep. 3 – Mailing Operations

Trade Skill Master 3 Tutorial Ep. 4 – Creating & Importing Custom Groups

Trade Skill Master 3 Tutorial Ep. 5 – Custom Price Sources

Trade Skill Master 3 Tutorial Ep. 6 – Shopping

Trade Skill Master 3 Tutorial Ep. 7 – Warehousing

Trade Skill Master 3 Tutorial Ep. 8 – Crafting

Warlords of Draenor BiS Stage Gear

*** This Guide is now out of date, please do not use this, as the stats for all classes have now been changed in (7.0) Pre-Patch Legion. ***

Good morning guys, as promised in my previous post, here’s my Warlords of Draenor BiS Stage Gear – TSM3 Import Strings for Blacksmithing, Tailoring and Leatherworking. I currently don’t deal in Engineering weapons, Jewelcrafting rings and necklaces and Inscription weapons/trinkets due to them over flooded on my auction house, so these strings haven’t been added/created. However they could be created in the future if enough people want them.

May I first take this opportunity to first credit Sheyrah, to whom posted an incredible amount of information and uploaded the basic list to her pastebin. If it wasn’t for this, this would have taken a lot longer to create and manage. So thank you for sharing Sheyrah. If anyone has any aspirations in becoming a very good gold goblin, please do give Sheyrah and her partner Xionik a follow via their links below and check them out. They’re extremely good at what they do and boast to have earned well over 100 million gold.


To reassure you all on how I managed to make this accurate list, I used a website called Ask Mr. Robot to find out the best in slot (BiS) stats for any given class and spec. Once I had the stats noted down, I then went through Sheyrah’s list and carefully split up the BiS gear from the gear with random stats. Once this was complete, I then split the BiS gear up into their separate Stages from 1-6. Now when I hover over a crafted item, I can see whether or not it is of any value, thanks to my TSM tooltip set up.

Pic of TSM BiS craft gear for blog

Demand is extremely high at the moment, with no new content currently available and people are creating and levelling alts. This means high demand for crafted stage gear as it can be worn from level 90 to 100 and can be upgraded to a maximum Stage 6 – ilvl 705 (Weapon) or 715 (Armour) . I currently only upgrade to stage 4, to limit my expenses and make the most profit. This of course differs from your servers economy and what tactics you’d prefer to take.

Pic of TSM BiS craft gear for blog 1

Ideally, to make the most profit, it would be best to craft the items yourself, but this is time consuming and depends highly on the materials you have at your disposal. However, don’t be put off from making a decent return and buying the materials straight off the auction house. The tactic I use myself is a bit of both. The only thing I craft is the essences at the armour or weapons can be bought cheap.


1x Supple Vest of the Deft (stage 1) – 1k
3x Burnished Essence – 5k (3k if I craft them myself)

Total – 6k (4k)

1x Supple Vest of the Deft (Stage 4)  9-15k

Here’s my TSM Strings by Profession.

BiS Plate Armour
Standard Plate Armour
BiS Weapon and Shields
Standard Weapon and Shields

BiS Leather Armour
BiS Mail Armour
Standard Armour

BiS Cloth Armour
Standard Cloth Armour

Engineering: *Only Guns added*
BiS Guns
Standard Guns

To be added at a later date if there’s enough interest.

BiS Rings
Standard Rings
BiS Necklaces
Standard Necklaces

BiS Weapons
Standard Weapons

BiS Weapons
Standard Weapons

If you find any issues with this guide or want to add any feedback, please do drop a line below. If i do get enough interest I will invest some time to create those remaining strings. Currently I don’t need them myself, but would be happy to help others if they require them!

Again, please remember to give Sheyrah & Xionik a follow, their details can be found above and I can guarantee you wont regret it!

Thanks for reading guys and hope you found this guide a great help, feel free to post your sales in comment below or on my Social Media platforms!

Selling Battle Pets on Alternative Servers for Huge Profits!

Good afternoon readers, if you’re new to my blog and I’ve not had the opportunity to greet you yet, then welcome to my blog and I hope you find what you’re looking for! If not, feel free to drop me a line or tweet me via Twitter and I happily get back to you.

Trading Battle Pets from one server to another, is working out very well for me at the moment and I’ve already managed to make 2 million gold on 4 servers and it’s constantly increasing. There are a lot gold makers I keep in contact with on Twitter that are using these methods too, and are showing extremely good profits. If you’re not familiar with this method, It’s simply buying up cheap pet’s, power leveling them to 25 if needed and then creating 2 characters on a low or medium populated server and placing these pets on the Auction House. The benefit of this is, your’re taking these pet from a server that is heavily saturated (very cheap to buy) and placing them on a server that is in high demand for them (selling them at a very high price) thus making us a lot of profit!

You maybe asking yourself , what are the benefits of taking gold from your main server and putting it onto a server you don’t plan to play on. Well… to put it bluntly, there’s many things we can do with our new found fortune. We could buy further cheap pets that come on to the market or mounts, and we can flip them for profit or learn them if we don’t have them yet. Another alternative, is buying WoW Tokens. This means your gold you have on your main realms can be used for alternative purposes.

Something to bear in mind:
At the moment Trading card Game (TCG) pets are saturated on the Auction House, due to dupes. If you intend on buying any TCG pets at this time, please do so via the Auction House. Trading via trade chat is extremely unsafe and GM’s have a very harsh stance on exploited items. If you’re not aware, any trades that have included dupes, will incur the pets being removed from your inventory and returned to the correct owner and any gold you spent, will likely be lost.

Getting Started:
The best place to check for Battle Pets and whether they’re profitable to flip on another realm, is by checking this website called, wow-pets. This outlines every Battle Pet in World of Warcraft that you can trade. It also shows you an average price for each pet on each realm for level 1’s and level 25’s. A new feature recently released, is a graph, that shows the current rise and fall in price for any given Battle Pet. This is an excellent addition to the site. With this graph, it’s easy to work out the demand and how much the prices are fluctuating at any given time.

The Plan:
Option 1 – You’ll need to create 2 new characters on your destination realm. 1 character will need to be an Orc (Horde) or a Human (Alliance). I pick these, as their starting zones are closer to Orgrimmar and Stormwind respectively. If you’re an Orc, run to Sen’jin Village, Durotar and take the flight path to Orgrimmar. If you’re a Human, take the short run from Northshire Valley, Elwynn Forest to Stormwind. Both of these treks can be made easier if you have the Chauffeured Chopper, which is a mount, accessible at level 1.

Once at your major city, log out and create your second character. This time a Death Knight (DK)! Obviously, this has to be on the same realm and faction. The reason we create a DK, is that it’s quick to get a little bit of capitol together so we can post our pets on the Auction House. Remember, to post one pet, it will cost us 1 silver, so this part of the plan can last as long as you want it to, the longer you do it, the more gold you get to transfer to your level 1.

If you’ve not leveled a DK before, you’ll need to know that you cant leave the starting zone until you complete all the quests, but thankfully, there’s a mail box that you can travel to to mail over your gold. Once you’re happy with the amount of gold you’ve made, go to the the mail box, the co-ords are (55 , 46) an image below shows the building you’re looking for. Simply mail over your gold and log out and re-log your level 1!

DK leveling zone mail box

Option 2 – This option is extremely quick, but solely depends on whether you’re fortunate enough to have somebody drop a Blingtron for you. Follow the instructions to create a level 1 character outlined above and instead of creating a DK, ignore that and instead just travel to the appropriate major city and bark in trade for a Blingtron. In most cases you’ll likely get ignored. This is the reason why I don’t use this method myself, but I’m adding it, in the case that someone wants an option that could be quicker than option 1, we all know someone out there that’s not patient… right?!

What to cage:
If you’ve done your homework properly from earlier, you’ll have a very good idea what Battle Pets are going to be profitable for you. Now you just need to cage them and get them on the Auction House. Thanks to Peelyon I have a macro, that will speed up the process of caging your pets. Once the macro is created, add it to your action bar. Hover your mouse over the pet you wish to cage and use the macro and boom, it’s instantly caged your pet without the added fuss!

The Macro:
/run C_PetJournal.CagePetByID(GetMouseFocus().petID)

The Results:
If you’re following me on Twitter, you will have seen the results I’m having with this method. As mentioned earlier in this post, I’ve got pets on 4 servers and have quickly made over 2 million gold and rising. You can easily achieve this too, by good planning and following the simple directions above.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have anything to ask, feel free to post below or contact me on Twitter or Facebook, I’ll always reply and offer any help where I can. If you enjoy making gold with pets, I suggest giving @Pee_lyon a follow on Twitter if you haven’t already. This guy is an absolute genius when it comes to Battle Pets. He’s always on hand to offer advice too.

Thanks for reading guys and take care!

When A Trade Is Too Good To Be True…

So yesterday, 24/03/16 I was busy smelting Pyrite Ore into bars and in the very corner of my eye, I noticed in chat, that someone was eager to sell 8 pets, 7 of which were (TCG) Trading Card Game pets and 1 Hatespark of the Tiny. The person was demanding 750k gold and me thinking that was an extremely good offer to ignore, went into overdrive and quickly contacted the seller and purchased the pets without hesitation.

GM thank you - WOW 2

Thankfully, my excitement led me to posting my purchase on Twitter, obviously to boast (as you do). If you’re following me on Twitter, you’d have seen my tweets. Within minutes @RosheenWoW and @pee_lyon contacted me insisting that they maybe dupes. I’d not seen any evidence in-game for me to lead this to be the case, but now I was somewhat concerned. So without delay I contacted a (GMGame Master and I informed them of my naivety and wanted them to look into it. Today I finally got a reply, one of which kind of threw me back, as I was warned I may lose my gold and all pets returned to their rightful owner if they’ve been exploited. I quickly replied, insisting that they need to look into this as soon as possible, as my full intentions were to buy pets cheap to flip on the Auction House to make a profit and the last thing I wanted to do was jeopardise my gold and someone else’s pets for my own gain and make this matter far worse than it already was.

Within an hour a GM called Fairgano got back to me and we went into great detail of what happened yesterday and thankfully it was brought to my attention, that these were in fact stolen from someone’s Guild Bank and maliciously sold in trade. Now being a victim of having items stolen in-game myself through hacking, I could relate to this and was extremely pleased that the pets could be reunited with their rightful owner. Thankfully my gold was returned to me too, but had it been a different GM, it could quite easily have been the opposite. All the same, I learnt a very important lesson today and hopefully I’ll be more vigilant when trading in the future.

GM thank you - WOW

The GM Fairgano, also knew I was a collector and avid seller of battle pets and actually sent me a private in-game message with some pet treats in. This was a very nice gesture and one which made me giggle. Little minds and all…lol.

GM thank you - WOW 1

It’s a sad time, when there’s players out there, willing to ruin another players enjoyment, by stealing their hard earned items, for their short gains and to make matters worse, bring innocent people into the equation via trade. The morale of all this as the title of the post states, “If it’s too good to be true, it very likely is!” Heed caution and if you do have any concerns, always get in touch with a GM by opening a ticket. I was obviously embarrassed by all of this, but the result is what was important and thankfully on this occasion, everyone has their items and gold back and the culprits have been caught and their accounts closed. The problem is, with World of Warcraft easily accessible now, via offers, it’s easy to just open a new account, just to make another person’s game time a misery and so the merry-go-round continues.

Anyway, thanks for reading and be vigilant out there…

Stocking Up For Legion – Battle Pets & Mounts

ruby droplet

With Legion on the horizon and the possibility of access to the expansion, as early as the end of June, many people including myself have gone into cleaning mode. This entails sorting through Guild banks, personal banks, bags and alts selling/deleting items we regard as useless to free up space in readiness for stockpiling. With every expansion there’s a need to invest in your hard-earned gold and beat that inflation.

It’s important to remember that when stockpiling items ready for the next expansion, no one really knows the full effects until Legion is here. If you look back prior to the release of Cataclysm, so much was taken from the game, that a lot of items became unobtainable or deleted and caught many off guard. It was difficult to guess what was going to be lucrative and what was going to be junk! So to make stockpiling work for us and beat the inflation, we need to guess what will be lucrative to us in Legion and start stockpiling it. When Legion hits, we then start selling our stock, thus (hopefully) beating inflation.

Something to keep in mind, not only will there be a resurgence of old players returning to Legion that unsubbed, but there will also be an influx of new players, thanks to the movie Warcraft. There is also rumours circulating that Blizzard may incorporate a World of Warcraft game per ticket purchased to the movie. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but as soon as I know, I’ll update on my blog.

Obviously people will have a difference in opinion and as ever, I welcome you to post your views or questions below or drop me a tweet via twitter.

Battle Pets

TGC – Trading Card Game: It’s difficult not to start with TCG pets. The obvious reason being, that they’re always going to hold value, unless they’re duped. At the moment, TCG pets seem to be stable on EU realms. You can buy the low-end pets (i.e. Ethereal Soul-Trader) for as little as 95-100k and the top end (Rocket Chicken) at approximately 350k. Each realm differs in price, so shop around to find the best deals.

Darkmoon Faire: With many people using their tokens to buy Replica Transmog gear, these pets will fall in numbers. I’m buying these up as quick as I see them. The pets normally average around the 4k mark. You may have to spend a little more if they’ve been leveled to 25.

Holiday Events: With so many people returning to Legion, many will have missed the holiday events, so I’ve been stockpiling these already. I’ve also been purchasing them from the auction house too if the price is right. There are a number of events coming up soon, so be sure to stock up where possible. Lantern’s from the Lunar Festival are excellent examples.

Warlords Rep: This is a tough one, but I think there’s merit in including this one. The Saberstalker’s pet Savage Cub, proves it’s worthwhile to stock these. Costs 1500  Blackfang Claw who in their right mind is going to want to grind that come legion?!

Garrison*: Now here comes a tricky one. The only pets I’m looking at stocking up on, are those from the Menagerie, via the Pet Charms and the Land Shark, from Nat Pagle. The reason for the asterisk, is the other pets, I have no interest in as the Auction House is flooded with them as indicated below.

Timeless Isle: I still find these pets a great investment. Ruby Droplet for example. They have extremely low drop rates and people will be interested in doing other things than sit around waiting for pets to drop.

Rare Battle Pets: These pets will always be a good investment. The best example I could give for this, that people may have overlooked is the Red Goren Egg. Although you can only have one in your inventory at any one time, don’t let that put you off. You can either learn it and cage it, or take the daunting task of moving them one by one from your mail box to your Guild bank. The reason I urge you to stockpile these, is the fact that it’s an extremely low drop rate at 0.3% from Mining and you only have to venture to Wowhead to see how many people are complaining about it.

Battle Pets I’m Ignoring

Garrison*: As mentioned above, there’s some Garrison pets I’d suggest ignoring. The Left Shark and the Cinder Pup. These have been heavily posted on the Auction House due to high supply and low demand for extremely low buyouts. Can be considered a safe option as losses will be considerably low. Again this is my opinion, you may have an alternative one and look to buy these.

Raids: MoP Raids will be easily solo-able in Legion, meaning accessibility to pets will be easier. Pets like Son of Animus which were a pretty penny, will sadly drop in value.


TCG Mounts:
Again I start with TCG and again for the obvious reasons. These sell extremely well and hold their value as long as there’s no duping. Currently the mounts are extremely high, but if you manage to snipe one, dont be put off by stocking it till Legion, to get more value!

Coalfist Gronnling:
This is a viable option, due to only getting this via Garrison Missions. I’m not sure at this early stage how Garrison’s will work in Legion, if they’ll even work at all, but I think these are a safe bet.

Holiday Events: Mounts from Holiday events are good options if the price is right. For example Swift Lovebird. People will have missed these. They average 18k, so if you see them lower than that, definitely consider buying a couple.

Profession Mounts: These are always viable to stockpile. For example the Vial of the Sands. Has been selling very well and that’s mainly down to the materials needed to craft one. Be careful for dupes though, especially with the Jewelcrafting mounts.

Not Collecting:
Garn Nighthowl
and any other mount that is heavily farmed in WoD, I will be ignoring! The prices for these on the auction house are approximately 2-4k and I doubt they will go up, considering how many people out there farming them already. Farming them will be made easier too, when players are level 110 come legion!

This is just a couple of things to consider. Obviously I’m not going to disclose all the pets and mounts, as some I want to keep to myself, you know how it is…lol. But I hope that this post can give you some inspiration and what pets and mounts to stockpile. Please remember prices are a guide from my server, each server differs from one to another. I also appreciate that you will have different opinions to mine set out above, if you do, again I welcome you to comment below. Maybe you have ideas to share, feel free to post too.

I hope you enjoyed my post and look forward to seeing you all again soon. Thanks for reading!


Gold Making: A Beginner’s Guide To Transmog by Peelyon

If you’ve ever wanted to dip into the Transmog Market and in need of some direction then please do check out Peelyon’s Gold Making: A Beginner’s Guide To Transmog at Icy Veins. It’s excellently written and offers a wealth of information to help all new and experienced players get into the Transmog Market as effortlessly as possible.

If you’ve dreaded the task of getting to grips with Transmog in the past, then fear no more, as Peelyon guides you carefully and thoroughly through every aspect of farming, the best classes and importantly, the best addons such as LootAppraiser and TSM.

You can also follow Peelyon via social media, Ive added links below. Please check him out and take some time to offer some feedback. Feedback is very important to a blogger, streamer as it gives them the motivation to continue and to offer further guides, information to those in need in the future.


Peelyon’s Updated Squirt Power Leveling Strategy

If you’re not following Peelyon on Twitter already, why not?! If you’ve got any aspirations in power leveling your Battle Pets from level 1-25 in the quickest and efficient time possible, then you need to be following Peelyon and be updated with the best battle pet guides and strategies out there. If you’re on EU like ourselves, you will know that today (29.02.16) is the Squirt Menagerie daily from your Garrison Menagerie. Squirt is available to you, for one day, every 15 days, so it’s imperitive that you take advantage of this.

If you’ve seen my previous post regarding Peelyon’s previous strategy with the Worg Pup and Blighthawk, you’ll know it relied heavilly on RNG, meaning, if you experienced a miss etc, it was very likely, that you’d have to forfeit and try again. However, this new strategy he’s created is simplified further and is now a guarenteed 100% win! He now uses two different rare pets, Enchanted Broom and Weebomination.

Anyway, enough from me, check Peelyon’s video out below and please do check out his YouTube, Twitter and Facebook Page, to leave your appreciation!

Battle Pet TSM 3 Import String v.1

Good evening guys, my time has been extremely limited as of late with regards to World of Warcraft, but with what little time I did have, Ive managed to put to good use and have finally got a Battle Pet import string created for TSM3. This has taken me alot of time to create and is by no means the finished article, but one that is a work in progress.

To get this Battle Pet Import String, simply click here

To clarify, I have placed all the Battle Pets in alphabetical order and have added a level 01 and level 25 of each pet where available. Ive also added a (U) to signal an Uncommon level 01 pet and an (R) to signal a Rare level 01 pet. There is one instance where Ive added a (C) to signal a Common pet. The level 25’s have been added as rare too as default! Ive also gone to the liberty of adding a couple of level 24’s where possible. This was mainly due to having some in my inventry that I sell.

Ive added the group structures to the string too, but have decided not to add the operations, this is purely based on the fact that each server has it’s own price ranges etc. I’m sure it wont take you too long to check The Undermine Journal (TUJ) its a great source for pricing your pets for any given server.

I’d also like to remind you that this is version v.1 and will be updated when possible. I’ve added (*) to signal pets missing which will need to be added at a later date. Feel free to add these if they’re available on your auction house or alternatively, follow my blog for updates on the release of any new versions.


Copy the string Ive uploaded at Pastebin and carefully import the string within your TSM3. Make sure TSM is updated. Always backup your TSM in case of any errors or issues that may occur.

If you experience any issues, with regard to this string, please do drop me a line and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


If you want to share this string, please do take the time to credit me for my work. It’s taken me along time to create and I know that this is something that alot of people have wanted within the community.